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I-CiTies 2022

September 14-16, 2022
University of Camerino - Ascoli Piceno, Italy

ICT for Smart Cities

The term smart is frequently misused today. A city becomes smart only when it can offer services that can properly take into account the real and priority needs coming from its population. Those services have to be therefore context-dependent and support the achievement of city-specific goals. Smart city solutions have to be multi-disciplinary, blending together socio, cultural, and technical aspects alltogether. In this context, ICT becomes the means to move from problems to digital solutions.

About the conference

The conference, at its eighth edition, is an opportunity for people from academia, industries and public institutions to meet and define new collaborations in the perspective of next national and international project calls. It is not intended to disseminate theoretical scientific activities. Instead, its main goal is to present available innovative solutions and active research projects, as well as novel ideas for new project proposals.



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