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The city is located in the southern part of the Marche region and is 28 km from the Adriatic Sea. Its urban center rises at an altitude of 154 m a.s.l., in the confluence area between the Tronto river and the Castellano torrent, surrounded on three sides by mountains, including Monte Ascensione, the San Marco hill and the mountain of flowers. Its territory is surrounded by two protected natural areas: the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga national park to the south and the Monti Sibillini national park to the north-west.

Comune di Ascoli Piceno
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I-Cities 2022 will be held at:

Scuola di Architettura e Design - Sede Annunziata

Viale delle Rimembranze, n° 9, 63100 Ascoli Piceno AP

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Reach Ascoli Piceno by car

A motorway link connects Ascoli Piceno to the A14 "San Benedetto del Tronto" exit. The journey takes about 20 minutes. To give an idea, google maps by car from the following routes to reach Ascoli Piceno via the Adriatic ridge (A14):

  • Milano: 5h
  • Bari: 3h45m
  • Bologna: 3h
  • Aeroporto di Ancona: 1h15m
  • Aeroporto di Pescara: 1h15m

For the central-southern Tyrrhenian regions, Ascoli Piceno can be reached via the A24 from Rome or using the Via Salaria. The times are not very different in the two cases. The distances always from google are:

  • Roma: 2h30m
  • Napoli: 3h45m

Tuscany is not connected by highway but by fast roads. The distances are:

  • Firenze: 3h30m
  • Pisa: 4h15m

Reach Ascoli Piceno by train

Ascoli Piceno can be easily reached via the Adriatic ridge by making a change in Ancona or San Benedetto del Tronto. There is a train with an approximately hourly frequency that leaves from Ancona and, passing through San Benedetto del Tronto, arrives in Ascoli Piceno in just under 2 hours. For those coming from the North it is probably the best solution. For those arriving from the south from the Adriatic regions, obviously the change must be made in San Benedetto del Tronto. In San Benedetto del Tronto practically all the trains that cross the Adriatic ridge stop in both north-south and south-north directions. A few arrows are exceptions for which it will therefore be necessary to change in Ancona or Pescara depending on the direction.

From the central-southern Tyrrhenian regions you can reach Ancona and then Ascoli Piceno using the Rome - Ancona line. In general it is perhaps a suboptimal solution.

From Tuscany the most convenient solution is to make the journey from Bologna

Reach Ascoli Piceno by bus

From Rome there are many routes that allow you to reach Ascoli Piceno from the Tiburtina bus station (next to the train station). The duration of the trip is approximately 3 hours. There are direct runs using the Start company or you can make runs with other companies that arrive in San Benedetto del Tronto and take the Start runs that have a regular cadence (in summer there are also night runs).

There is a Naples - San Benedetto del Tronto ride that takes about 5h30m but the pandemic may has reduced the rides (click here)

Reach Ascoli Piceno by plane

The closest airports are in order:

  • Ancona: once you have reached the airport you can proceed by train to the central station. The airport is connected to the station by a regional train.
  • Pescara: once you have reached the airport you can proceed by train reaching the central station via the shuttle bus service.
  • Rome Fiumicino or Ciampino: before COVID all the bus companies listed above had a direct service to and from the airports with 4-5 trips distributed throughout the day. At the moment it seems necessary to take the train to Tiburtina Station and take the bus there. The other companies seem to continue the service and therefore it will be possible to take the bus at the airport and then take the start service from San Benedetto to Ascoli Piceno: click here. From Fiumicino the bus takes about 3h45m to reach San Benedetto del Tronto.
  • Rimini: once you have reached the airport you can proceed by train reaching the central station via the shuttle bus service.
  • Bologna: once you have reached the airport you can proceed by train reaching the central station via the shuttle bus service.


Hotel name Address Phone number
Di Sabatino Resort () Via della Vipera 0736-259576
Palazzo Guiderocchi () Via C. Battisti, 3 0736-243441
Hotel Residenza Cento Torri () Via C. Mazzoni, 6 0736-255123
Palazzo dei Mercanti Dimora Storica () Trento e Trieste 35 0736-256044
Pennile () Via G. Spalvieri 0736-41645
Sant'Emidio () Via Minuccia, 10 328-4595610
Cantina dell'Arte () Rua della Lupa 0736-255620
Residenza dei Capitani Via dei Tibaldeschi, 23 0736-259110
Bedrooms P. Maggiore Via Milano, 2 0736-341034
Dimora del Centro Storico Via G. Sacconi 333-6792263
Principia Charming Suite Via delle Sette Soglie, 12 329-0650920

Weekend tips


In about 25 minutes by car, along the Via Salaria towards Rome, you can reach Arquata del Tronto, a town whose territory is included in two national parks, that of the Sibillini mountains and that of Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga, and which unfortunately was one of the municipalities most affected by the earthquake of 2016. Moving by car you can visit several suggestive mountain villages. Through the Forca di Presta pass, in about 25 minutes starting from Arquata, you can reach the small village of Castelluccio di Norcia. For those who are passionate about trekking there are many nature trails to explore, which in some cases pass through abandoned villages. The top of Monte Vettore (2470m) can be reached from Forca di Presta, in the municipality of Arquata, in about 3 hours of walking along the ridge (about 1000m of altitude difference). Directly from the center of Ascoli Piceno you can reach the summit of Monte Girella (1870m) in about 6 hours of walking (approx 1600m of altitude difference). You can take the same route in a less demanding way starting from the Pianoro di San Marco (15 minutes by car from Ascoli and 700m above sea level) or from San Giacomo (25 minutes by car from Ascoli and 1150m above sea level).


In about 25 minutes, via the motorway junction for the A14, you can reach the Riviera delle Palme made up of the coastal towns of San Benedetto del Tronto, Grottammare and Cupra Marittima. These centers can also be reached by train in about 30 minutes (SBT). In the intermediate band between Ascoli Piceno and San Benedetto del Tronto, between the valleys of the Tronto and the Aso rivers, you can visit many hill towns that are part of the Piceno, such as Montalto Marche, Offida, Ripatransone, Monteprandone and Acquaviva. All the municipalities offer the classic hamlet of the Marche village, in which the houses are made of terracotta bricks, and offer suggestive glimpses of the mountain range of the Sibillini Mountains to the west, the hills cultivated largely with vines and olive trees to the north and south, and on the Adriatic coast to the east.

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